Josep Alzamora


Josep Alzamora is an expert in business competitiveness who has developed -over the last 20 years- the syncplexity model, specially designed for hypercompetitive environments, whose substantive concept is a particular vision of prestige. A pioneer in his sector, the model is being adopted by companies and entities in several countries and different business sectors.

Mr. Alzamora has worked with experts from the University of Cambridge (UK) and has given lectures organized by institutions such as the Swiss Association of Business Organization and Management (in Geneva and Lausanne), the Swiss Statistical Society, the Fordham University (NYC) in the framework of the Annual International Research Seminar of the Deming Institute, or the American Competitiveness Association (Washington DC), among others. Some of the ideas proposed by the syncplexity model are embodied in two works by Mr. Alzamora: Preliminary Complex Realities (2015) and Realidades Complejas (2015).

After more than 10 years developing his work and research activity in several countries in Europe, the United States and -more intensely- in Mexico, since 2013 the syncplexity model has facilitated -and continues to facilitate- the development of different Spanish companies and institutions in the tourism, construction and food sectors, among others. It is also contributing to the improvement of retail trade competitiveness in municipalities such as St. Carles de la RĂ pita (Tarragona) or Alcoi (Alicante).